Frame Arms Girl Plastic Model Kit Hand Scale Prime Body 7 cm

€ 22.09
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The next Frame Arms Girl to join the "hand scale" series is Frame Arms Girl "Prime Body"!

With this model, it is possible to assemble Hand Scale Frame Arms Girl into Unarmed Mode. Prime Body comes with double-jointed knees and the hip joint proportions are based on Frame Arms Girl Hresvelgr.

As this model is compatible with other models in the Hand Scale series, users can exchange parts as they choose. Use this Prime Body to make an all new customized version of your favorite Hand Scale Frame Arms Girl!

Model Specifications:

- This miniature model uses the data from Frame Arms Girl, maintaining a high level of detail and accuracy event at a smaller scale!
- Despite its small stature of 70mm, the model boasts 20 points of articulation.
- The knee joints are double-jointed, improving flexibility.
- A basic head part is also included.
- In addition to the open and closed hand parts, the kits also include hands for holding larger weapons.
- U-shaped connecting parts that are compatible with products that use 3mm connecting joints such as New Flying Base, Mini Flying Base, etc. are included in this kit.
- This model is guaranteed compatible with other models in the Hand Scale series, so users can enjoy exchanging parts between models as they choose.

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