Harmagedon Genma Wars Action Figure Vega 30 cm

€ 304.96
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Vega the cyborg warrior from the classic Japanese SF Anime "Genma Wars" will be relased as a action figure by Sentinel!

First released in 1983 and directed by Rintaro with chracter designs by Otomo Katuhiro (of Akira fame). We have taken this one and only very creative design and make it into a action figure without giving up any of the details of the original.

Will come at a height of 12 inches with over 40 points of articulation. Built in special gimicks that will improve the overall range of motion have been included as well. LED lights that will light up are built into the head and chest to improve the overall feel of the product. Retina are movable allowing for it's intimidating glare to be pointed in the direction of any enemy.

Will come with 2 face parts "Normal Ver" and "Damage Ver" of this figure which we feel will be the definitive masterpiece of Vega.

Requires 2x LR41 batteries (included).

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